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  • Music of the Spheres: Loop, Sequence and Sample
  • Appropriation: Lessing, Shields and Derivative
  • Vaihinger ,Damasio and Grazinano
  • Rocheach, Spence, and Schafer
  • Identity: Pirandello, Kosinski and George Kelly
  • Rachel Dolezal, Catyn? Jenner and Jerzy Kosinkl
  • Socrates and Plato
  • Third Mind, Ear and Eye

The Truth About the Spinning Dancer –

Barlow tweet?:

Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace — Backchannel — Medium

NYTimes: The Fundamental Way That Universities Are an Illusion

NYTimes: The Case for Teaching Ignorance

Livio quotes the psychologist Daniel Kahneman describing how theories are born: “We can’t live in a state of perpetual doubt, so we make up the best story possible and we live as if the story were true.” A theory that began as a wild guess ends as a firm belief. Humans need beliefs in order to live..;” Freeman Dyson in “The Case for Blunders”


It’s Possible For You To Read To The ‘End’ Of Wikipedia

You can finally experience the feeling of finishing a good website.

1 hour ago

How many years have you been reading Wikipedia without ever reaching the end? Did you even realize there was a “last” page?

Although the page was created in 2009 by prolific Wikipedia contributor Jeff G, “the end of Wikipedia” has remained basically a secret “Easter egg” on the site. This isn’t by choice: the page encourages visitors to “speak it loud that you read to the end of Wikipedia.”

Somehow, up until now, the visitors have been soft talkers, apparently.


This page finally started going viral when Reddit user sunny_days19 made the discovery and posted a link. Commenters particularly honed in on Wikipedia’s disclaimer at the top of the page that warns the following article is “considered humorous.”

The Huffington Post reached out to the Wikipedia page’s creator, seeking more insight into how the joke came about, but did not receive a response at the time of

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